Early Education And Care

At Early Years Care our educators are excited, motivated teachers that understand in the first five years of a person’s life is when the most learning will ever occur.

Our ideas are child focused but are influenced by the philosophy of Reggio Emilia, the Early Years Learning Framework and the emergent curriculum. Our learning programs are influenced by each educator’s unique education, experiences, interests and family.

Each day important play-based opportunities are offered depending on the children’s interests, learning needs and intentional learning.

Educators interact and observe the children through art, puzzles, books, construction, dramatic play, dough, writing, blocks, painting, gardening, sand, outdoor play and music – in fact through all aspects of the flow of their day. Environments are designed so the children can choose their own experiences and become facilitators and co-constructors of their learning. The learning program is flexible and imaginative and recognise children as responsible decision makers when it comes to learning and challenging their capabilities.

Preschool age children engage in collaborative discussions and project work. Due to small learning environments, children have the opportunity to engage in their learning at their own pace, in a safe and supportive home like environment.

Home is the first learning space for a child, it makes sense that they transition to a family day care environment to continue their early childhood journey.

Family is an important part of a child’s early learning pathway. Friendships and lifelong relationships are formed through family day care. Your opinions are respected as we work on a care partnership for your child.

It really does take a village to raise a child and Early Years Care forms part of your Village.