Nature Play Schools

At Early Years Care we believe that children should experience life first hand in a practical and sensory way. We want to encourage resilient children. Children who can make decisions, guide their own learning and assess their own risky challenges.

We want children to embrace new experiences with excitement and a curious sense of wanting to learn more.

Our nature programs are risk assessed and guided by knowledgeable educators. It is important that our children are connected to our land and form a relationship with their local environment.

This may mean bush school programs, river kindy, learning at the National Park or rock pools.

Each educator is different and our support staff assist them to ensure that projects and plans are realised.

Holistic growth and learning happens naturally when outdoors and the environment provides a blank canvas for wonderous ideas and exploration.

Being in nature provides the opportunity to learn many skills

  • Develop confidences and autonomy
  • Communication and team work
  • Relationship building
  • Outdoor resilience and exploration
  • Inspiring play opportunities
  • Ideas develop for project work and extensions of learning
  • Children learn skills in nurturing and care
  • Risky challenging play that children can identify and risk manage from
  • Investigating ideas and scaffolding learning
  • Nature gives the opportunity for inclusive play-based learning
  • Children learn about natural phenomena and how to problem solve