At Early Years Care we use recycled items such as tubes, plastic lids, containers, paper, buttons and more during art experiences and play.

We use water saving initiatives and teach the children about this. We try to reduce the amount of disposable plastics that we use and talk to the children about why we do environmental education at Early Years Care.

We learn about our environment by:

  • Waste management
  • Gardening and cooking
  • Water saving management
  • Science programs
  • Animal care
  • Aboriginal education
  • Bush, River and Rockpool program
  • Recycled art

We open up conversations and gain input from the children so they are contributing to and guiding their own learning.

We incorporate nature into our play and excursions. Nature play enhances our connections to our local area, our Aboriginal land owners and wildlife.

Educators are on a sustainability journey using an Eco-smart tool to guide their learning.

The aims of some of our programs are to grow food, reduce waste, recycle, learn about animals and value energy as a valuable resource.