What is Family Day Care

Family Day Care is a model of childcare whereby there is one trained and competent Educator caring for up to four children under school age within their home providing a planned learning curriculum. An educator may care for 3 additional school age children, outside of school hours.

The Family Day Care Educator is the primary educator for the children with the support and mentorship of a licensed approved provider.

Early Years Care is your approved provider that registers Educators under a strict criteria and provides ongoing training, monitoring and support to the Educator.

Educators are self employed however without this registration they cannot provide Family Day Care. Registration ensures that the Educator is fit and proper to care for children, that their environment is safe, compliant with national standards and their setting is a place of learning for children. Registration also allows families to claim childcare benefit and the childcare rebate.

Educators take the children on valuable excursions within the community.

In recent years the Australian Government has recognised the importance of Family Day Care in our community and have set high quality standards to maintain as well as a Early Years Learning Framework to guide learning for children.