Our Philosophy

At Early Years Care

In relation to children we believe:

  • That all children are on a journey of self discovery and change
  • That all children have the right to experience a caring loving environment with the potential to learn and develop according to their own needs
  • That all children are individuals and are unique in every special way. Children should be allowed to just “be”
  • That children have the right to be on a journey of playas their learning pathway and that play should be challenging and stimulating
  • That all children deserve to be treated equally no matter what their background, beliefs or community
  • That all children have the right to be heard and
  • that they have the right to contribute to their own learning experiences as they are capable members of the group
  • All children have the universal right to feel safe and healthy in their environment
  • That all children should be treasured
  • Children have the right to learn how to care for their future world and to have this learning nurtured and promoted.

In relation to families we believe:

  • Early Years Care will recognise that families know their children best
  • That families offer valuable insight into their child’s learning needs
  • That families have the right to be heard by Educators
  • That families are welcome to the setting at all times
  • Families and Educators should form a partnership in caring for a child
  • Families have a right to be respected and confidential
  • Educators will respect cultural and religious backgrounds of families and integrate this as a learning experience for children
  • That all families have the right to contribute to the ideas of Early Years Care
  • That families will be consulted in regards to issues or needs of their child and referrals/support will be offered where necessary

In relation to Educators we believe:

  • That Educators are an integral part of a child’s life
  • That Educators families are an important and vital role when providing a happy day care environment
  • That Educators have a right to be heard and to have say in relation to the way Early Years Care is managed on a daily basis
  • Educators will foster the continuity between home and care
  • That Educators should receive support and mentorship to become the best they can be
  • That Educators have a right to training and ideas to expand on their professional development and personal growth
  • To work in partnership with management and that each Educator will be treated with dignity, respect and intrinsic with regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, beliefs
  • That equal opportunity is paramount and all Educators will be treated as such from recruitment through to registration
  • That Educators will show commitment to Early Years Care, their policies and procedures
  • That all Educators will commit to teaching, loving and caring for all children enrolled in their service

In relation to the Scheme we believe:

  • That the Scheme will ensure that all practises are reflective of our beliefs and of legislative changes. The Scheme will always aim to provide best current practise
  • That the Scheme will always strive for continuous improvement that reflects the input and ideas of all stakeholders
  • The Scheme will provide equal opportunities for staff where family comes first with flexible working conditions
  • The Scheme will provide a quality service that is accessible, available and promotes inclusive practise
  • The Scheme will respect the confidentiality of staff, Educators, families and children
  • Staff will respect profession strengths and encourage individual styles of work ethic
  • That each staff member will be respected and appreciated

In relation to the community we will:

  • Value the unique care opportunities that family day care offers the community
  • Embrace the cultural diversity of the community we live in. We will respect the rights and different perspectives of the community and show empathy to lifestyle choices
  • Ensure that no child is denied access to care
  • Care for the environment and land on which our community grows
  • We believe that Aboriginal history and culture form a great part of our community
  • That every opportunity to be part of the community should be nurtured and contributed to in some way
  • That the community is the basis for our learning, our being, our belonging, our becoming
  • Partnerships with local groups and families will be made to help build a safe community for our children