Child Care Benefit

CCB is a payment made to families to assist with the costs of childcare. Your rate of CCB depends on your estimate of your family’s annual taxable income. Families are charged full fees if they do not apply for CCB. Parents must apply to the Family Assistance Office (FAO) for CCB.

Families who want more information regarding CCB should contact the FAO directly or seek further information at their website:

24-hour cap

A 24-hour per week limit for access to CCB applies for each child of a family who uses early childhood education and case services for non-work related reasons.

50-hour cap

If you meet the eligibility test, according to the categories set down by the FAO, you will be entitled to 50 hours CCB per week. Because some services are open for more than 50 hours per week, you will pay full fees for any hours over the 50-hour limit.

More than 50 hours CCB

Additional hours can be claimed if your child uses more than 50 hours in a week, and you meet the criteria for claiming additional hours set down by the FAO.

Please remember that you need to call Centrelink and tell them you are starting care and you need a CRN.