Why Choose Family Day Care

The Early Years are such an important part of life. Research shows that optimum brain development occurs during the first five years of life.

This is why quality play and learning experiences within a loving and secure environment are so beneficial to your child during these years.

Learning begins at home with parents as a child’s first teacher.

It makes perfect sense that a transition to childcare should be to a Family Day Care setting.

Children learn best when they are happy, feel safe and have interesting people and ideas to explore around them. When children feel secure in a small comfortable learning environment they seek out new experiences to explore and create their own journey of learning.

Did you know that a three year olds brain has been proven to be twice as active as an adult brain? Sometimes this optimum learning time can become lost and confused within large environments. Building up close relationships that inspire confidence within Family Day Care will lead to a healthy self esteem that makes moving on into the bigger world a much happier and exciting experience.

Children who are confident, respect others, understand routines with limits and have a healthy self esteem are much more likely to enjoy school, thrive and go on to live filled with a love of learning.